13-06-2006: new lecture-room of university regensburg (germany) equipped with ivs mountable system

Since March 2006 the new lecture-room of the medical faculty of the Regensburg University has been equipped with an Mountable IVS system. Approximately 300 seats were equipped with stainless steel keypads that can be used in combination with the latest multimedia technics. Medical cases can be presented and the students are involved in these cases. The student can place himself into the role of the doctor. With the help of the voting system, the students can interactively participate and help finding the solution of the case. Voting systems, that have almost become a standard in lots of international training facilities, contribute to a better understanding of the material. There is a thesis that proves that only writing down and listening is less effective in the learning proces. Having the students answer the questions in an interactive way in combination with the Peer Instruction (This method encourages the students to discuss the solution with each other) offers better results.

IVS mountable keypad

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