22-11-2006: Student Elections indicate results for Elections?

Yesterday again there were elections for students in the Netherlands as today the “real” elections take place for the Dutch Lower House. The results can be found on Scholierenverkiezingen.nl (in Dutch). The Dutch Labour Party is the big winner for the students. However, the Socialist Party is very close with only 1% less votes. Both the Christian Party and the Liberal Party loose a few percent. There is quite some support for the right wing party of Wilders and according to the studends, the Party for Animals will be in the Dutch Lower House as well. Over the past few months IVS has radically changed the applicaton for Student elections. All old results were collected and classified together with the digital results of the last 5 years. Only the oldest results of 1963 were so global that they did not offer enough information to be put in the database. From 1977 on the results of each election are available and can be compared. IVS has been supporting the Student Elections from 2002 on.

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