28-09-2011: New website Interactive Voting System

Interactive voting System has a new website. After 5 years we thought it was time to renew our website based on the latest technology and the most recent content combined with a new look and feel. The information is very extended, as you were used to and now it is easier to find information with the search tool and a clear overview of all items.

Of course you will find all possible information about keypads/voting pads, the base stations/receivers and all available software for the Interactive Voting System: IVS Products and Services

As the only Dutch developer and producer of an Interactive Voting System you will be able to find us fast and easy.

Should you think that anything is missing or should you have any difficulties in finding information about the keypads or the use of the Interactive Voting System please feel free to comment.

Simply click the Contact button. We looking forward to hear from you.

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