IVS-Keypads at the NewsXchange 2011 Lisbon

On November 3 and 4 the NewXchange event took place again in Lisbon. At this event people working in the media gather to discuss the most  high profile television in the past year as well as new developments that influence the traditional media. Both people working for national broadcasters and commercial broadcasters and free-lance journalists, cameramen and bloggers attend the meeting. Keypads / voting pads are used to involve the audience as much as possible.


Using the keypads the resolution was accepted (with almost a 100% yes votes) about the safety of journalists. There was also a lot of discussion about the future of journalism taking all new available media in consideration. The questions about this issue that where voted with the keypads showed a unanimous outcome: social media have great influence on journalism.

Basic principles of journalism remain untouched

The voting results also showed that the role of the media is very important here. More than 76% of the participants voted that the basic principles of journalism remain untouched.

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