IVS voting pads at partycongresses

Having the elections in September this year in mind most political parties in the Netherlands organized their congress before summer.

On June 23rd the congress of the VVD took place in the Hague. This congress was supported by Eurovote with IVS voting pads. In August this year there will be another VVD congress where the election program has to be approved by the members.

On Saturday June 30st the party congresses of CDA, PvdA, Groen Links the Christen Unie and the SP took place. The CDA congress was supported with the IVS voting pads by Intervote. Beernink Productions supported the PvdA, Groen Links and the Christen Unie with IVS keypads.

After summer the IVS keypads will be used a lot in Germany for several political party congresses.

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