Keypads during summertime

Holidays are almost over and we have not only been lazy this year. In July two of the bigger shareholders meetings were held in Germany for Nordzucker and Indus. Besides these shareholders meetings we have supported the general meeting of the VFB Stuttgart with our voting pads. This year the meeting was held in the stadium of the football club which is quite a special location. 2500 VFB Stuttgart fans voted on several proposals of the board.

Besides these meetings we had the political party congresses of both VVD and D66 in the Netherlands. We delivered a registration program for the VVD. Eurovote, who supported the meeting rented additional keypads from IVS. In total 1800 keypads where used during the congress.

A total number of 1500 members attended the D66 congress. Interactive Voting System and Intervote both delivered the keypads for this congress. Hulskamp Audiovisual supported the congress.

For a Hungarian customer we developed a specific IVS registration program. This registration program allows you to register or check out shareholders. During registration a list is generated real time. This list is used to vote with the right cards and keypads during the meeting.

In the meantime we also found some time to relax and we cannot wait to start again. In the upcoming month we have a lot of events where the IVS keypads and the IVS software will be used.

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