ISE and more

The last update of our site was dated before the ISE exhibition even started. We presented on the ISE again and met a lot of our existing clients as well as a lot of new clients.

As a novelty we presented Remote Voting on the ISE. This allows you to use a combination of keypads and wireless devices as well as just wireless devices such as smart phones, tablets or computers. Just surf to the right Internet page and you can join the voting. Results are presented in IVS-Professional as you are used to. We received a lot of positive response to this new feature.

In January we were very busy traveling. Our German colleague was in Sao Paulo and HongKong for one of our clients and from the Netherlands we supported several events in Germany and Luxembourg.

Besides these events we welcomed quite some new customers that bought a system for their own use. A part of these new clients use the Risk Analysis software. This is used mostly in smaller groups as discussion is very important here. The need to vote anonymous and independent is often important even in smaller groups. The total result is presented in a clear Heat map by using the Risk Analysis software.

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