Voting System, Voting keypadAbout Interactive Voting System

Interactive Voting System is based in Dronten in the Netherlands since 2002. Interactive Voting System works both for Dutch customers but very often for international customers too.

Together with a team of 7 very experienced and motivated colleagues we offer solutions for a wide range of demands when it comes to voting keypads and interactive presentations. Based on our long experience in working for a wide range of companies and institutions where interactive voting is used for different applications IVS has evolved in one of the leading companies and specialist in the field of Interactive Voting where voting pads / keypads are used. As both the hardware and the software are developed by Interactive Voting System themselves the system is very flexible. Besides the use of keypads Interactive Voting System also offers the option of online voting by the Internet or a combination in keypad voting and internet voting.

Interactive Voting System offers assistance in preparing the content of a voting session and the optimum use of the system and the keypads during a presentation. Clients in the Netherlands that own a system can ask for our help when it comes to supporting an event where the voting system is used. Installation and support during the presentation is part of this service too as well as advising our clients about the question and handing over the report with the results after the meeting.

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