FAQ – common

Use of the combination IVS Lite and IVS RFII

As you know it is possible with the IVS system to use different versions of the keypads for one session. Please do know that you will need two Base Stations as the keypads work on different frequencies. The results however will be combined to one total result.

Can I change the communication channel?

You can change the channel before initializing the keypads. If you already initialised the keypads, you CANNOT change the channel. The keypads are active on the selected channel. If you change the channel the keypads can not be used during the session.

Can I use more than one Base Station?

You can use more than one Base Station. The number of Base Stations you can use depends on the number of USB ports in your computer. If you want to use more Base Stations you must select a channel for each Base Station. You can connect a USB hub to connect more Base Stations than you have ports available on your computer. We do strongly advise to use a powered USB hub.

Why is it so important to save a list with keypads?

It is recommended that you always save a list with keypads. You can use a list with keypads to restore the communication. If the power fails during a session, you can activate the keypads again by using the list.

How do the keypads and the Base Station communicate?

The keypads communicate with the Base Station by using radio signals. Both keypads and Base Station have a receiver and a transmitter which they use to communicate.

Where can I find the specifications of IVS?

You can find the specifications of the IVS on the datasheets. You can find the datasheets on the download page of the website. You can find the technical specifications of the hardware in the last chapter of the manual.

I can not initialize more then 30 keypads

You do not have a keylock connected to your computer. Close the program en connect the keylock. If the keylock was already connected to you computer and you can not initialize more then 30 keypads, the keylock is not valid for this version of the software. You can verrify this by selecting about, in the help menu.

Why do I need a keylock?

The keylock contains the licence. Without the keylock you can only use upto 30 keypads.