Usage IVS Basic – layout

A script often consists of a number of the same types of questions. E.g.(rating) questions based on a 5 point scale. Dependent on the version you are using there are different ways to make a script.

Layout IVS-Basic versie 4.x

In version 4.x (and also in IVS-ID 4.x of course) you will find a template where you can choose you own lay-out according to colors, fonts etc. You can also define the position of questions, answers, diagrams and texts. By making and saving a template before you enter the questions and answers in the script you will find this to be very fast and easy. You can also apply a template to an existing script. Logo’s and background images are still on the background slide as you were used to.

Layout IVS-Basic versie 3.5x

By using one of the templates from IVS-Basic 3.52 you can determine you lay-out in this version. If you want to use another design for you slides, e.g. because of your company logo, first create 1 slide containing the question, answers and a chart, if any, for displaying the results. (If the chart is extremely small due to the length of the answers, place the chart on the next slide).

Once you have achieved the desirable layout, you can copy the layout of the slide(s). You then only have to change the questions and the script is ready for use.