FAQ – software  – keypads

Is it possible to view the results from a session afterwards?

If you want to view the results of a previous session, you select import results from the file menu. Select the right session by clicking on the session folder and clicking OK.

> Application: Evaluation after a meeting.

How do I use a timebar? 

A timebar can be used to automatically run the voting. In the properties of the timebar you can set after how many seconds you want to open the voting, after how many seconds you want to close the voting and after how many seconds you want to go to the next slide.

> Application: Force your audience to vote within a specified time range.

Is it possible to use fixed results? 

You have the possibility to enter a fixed result. The values most be in absolute figures (no digits). The program will automatically calculate the value in terms of percentage. You can not vote on a question with a fixed result.

> Application: Comparing national results with the results from the audience.

Why do I need a keylock?

The keylock contains the licence. Without the keylock you can only use upto 30 voting pads.

Where can I find the specifications of IVS You can find the specifications of the IVS on the datasheets.

You can find the datasheets on the download page of the website. You can find the technical specifications of the hardware in the last chapter of the manual.

Where can I find a manual for the software?

The manual can be found on the installation cd-rom in the folder manuals. Should the cd-rom not be available then the manuals can be downloaded from the website.

I can not initialize more then 30 voting pads.  You do not have a keylock connected to your computer.

Close the program en connect the keylock. If the keylock was already connected to you computer and you can not initialize more then 30 voting pads, the keylock is not valid for this version of the software. You can verrify this by selecting about, in the help menu

What is interactive voting? 

By using interactive voting, the results are directly displayed in the chart after receiving a vote.

I want to know which participant has given the most correct answers

You have to use IVS-ID. Every participant receives a chipcard with an unique number. After the session a print-out can be made containing all the participants, the answers they have given and the number of correct answers for each participant.

What licences are available? 

You can freely use the software upto 30 keypads. There are two licences, one for a maximum of 250 keypads and one for a maximum of 4000 keypads.