FAQ – question types

What is a reference question?

A reference question is a multiple choice question in which you ask your audience which characteristic they have. You can use this information to make a crossing. You can see for example what people in the age of 30 to 40 years think of your proposition.

What is a crossing and how do I make one?

By making a crossing you can see what people with the same characteristic (for example: in the age of 30 to 40 years) have voted. You will gain more insight into the opinion of your audience. You can view the different characteristics by pressing ctrl+1, ctrl+2 etc.

Can I compare a question?

You can compare questions of the same type and with the same number of answers.

What is a rating question?

A rating question shows besides the results also the average and deviation. You can use a rating question to measure the appreciation of your audience. By making a crossing you can show the consensus within a group.

What is the maximum number of answers?

The RFII keypad has the possibility to use a maximum of 999 answers per question. The RF-Lite keypads goes up to 10 answers.

Is it possible to vote more then once on a question?

You can vote up to 50 times on a question. By selecting the option unlimited, you can vote as long as the voting is open, only the last vote is saved.

How can I set a correct answer?

Click with the right mouse button on an answer, select properties from the pop-up menu. Select the checkbox for correct answer and click OK.

How can I set a ranking?

In the properties of the question you can select whether you want to use a ranking. The answer which is chosen most will be displayed on top or at the most left of the chart.