Usage IVS Basic – Template and background slide

The fastest and easiest way to make a script is by using a background picture on the IVS template. Based on this picture you can define where you want to position your question and answer texts and what colors you want to use.

If you use your corporate colors and logo’s you can simply save the template and use it for every next presentation again.

Software Interactive Voting System

A background slide can be used in two ways.

Use a picture as you can do on the template. You can save a slide in PowerPoint e.g. as a jpg or a bmp picture and use this a background slide in IVS. Every next slide will use the same background slide.

Another way of using the background slide is by placing a logo on it. In this case too, the logo will appear on each next slide. A vote counter can be placed on a background slide too. This vote counter shows, during voting, exactly how many votes have been counted already.