Usage IVS Basic – special characters

Special characters such as letters with a dieresis (two dots), accent, etc. can be easily entered using the ALT keys in combination with a value. Below you can see an overview of the most commonly used keys. An overview with the most used special characters in IVS Basic:

~ ALT+126
Ç ALT+128
ü ALT+129
é ALT+130
â ALT+131
ä ALT+132
à ALT+133
å ALT+134
ç ALT+135
ê ALT+136
ë ALT+137
è ALT+138
ï ALT+139
î ALT+140
ì ALT+141
Ä ALT+142
Å ALT+143
É ALT+144
æ ALT+145
Æ ALT+146
ô ALT+147
ö ALT+148
ò ALT+149
û ALT+150
ù ALT+151
ÿ ALT+152
Ö ALT+153
Ü ALT+154
ø ALT+155
£ ALT+156
ƒ ALT+159
á ALT+160
í ALT+161
ó ALT+162
ú ALT+163
ñ ALT+164
Ñ ALT+165
º ALT+167
® ALT+169
© ALT+0169
ß ALT+225