IVS Tips

Make sure all the keypads are fully charged before you start a session. It is recommended that you charge the keypads during night.
If you have charged your RFII keypads and have to transport them afterwards, make sure you
Always check whether there is an other IVS system active in the same building. If so make sure different channels will be used.
Always Initialize 25 keypads at once, this way you will keep track of the initialization of the keypads.
After initialization, always save a list with keypads. You can use a list to restore the communication.
If you want to reset the keypads, you will have to place them in the charging case for 5 minutes, never use the option reset keypads.
Do not change the channel after initializing the keypads.
Do not put the keypads during a session in the charging case. If you want to collect the keypads, you can place them on a table.
Determine what you want to know from your audience. Make sure you audience can answers the questions correctly, if necessary send some preliminary information.
Prepare your presentation a couple of days ahead, check it the next day and have somebody else look at it. You will prevent “silly” mistakes and uncertainty.
Determine the questions you want to ask and set for each question a goal: What do you want to measure? Does the question reach its goal? Do all the questions reach the goal of the presentation?
Explain the functionality of the IVS and if desired the use of the keypads to your audience.
Ask a unimportant test question, your audience will get acquainted with the system.
Make sure your reference questions are relevant and effective ( What is your age? What is your line of business? What is your position? ) if you want to make crossings.
If you want to discuss the answers or crossings durings a presentation, only do so if you had the opportunity to interpret them in advance.
Walk through your presentation using “test voting”, this way you will make sure all the technical settings are correct.
Make sure the phrasing of a question is sort, clear and open for one explication. Split if necessary the question.