What is Interactive Voting System?

The Interactive Voting System IVS offers the possibility to make a presentation an interactive presentation to get more involvement of your audience.

By doing this there is better contact between presenter and listeners. The participant in a meeting can respond to the questions that are posed by the presenter and the presenter can respond to this. In this way interaction is created between presenter and his audience. Instead of listening in a passive way to the presenter the audience turns into active participants.

Voting system, voting pads


IVS is a network of keypads and a receiver that communicate wireless. Identification of each keypad can be done by chip card or by the number of each keypad. The keypads send their information to the receiver. The receiver collects the information and sends it to the computer. In the computer software all data is saved and programmed in easy to interpret diagrams. Presenting the results can be done with any means of projection (e.g. projectors, plasma or vidiwall)

Several IVS versions

IVS is available in several versions.

  • RF – Wireless keypads that communicate with radio signals
  • Mountable – Stainless steel keypads that can be flush mounted in tables or chairs
Read more about the several IVS versions: products and services IVS

Software packages

Additionally, several software packages are available, IVS-Basic, IVS-Pro, IVS-Risk Management, IVS-City Council en IVS-PowerPoint.

Reed more about these software packages: products and services IVS

IVS set

An complete IVS set consists of the following:

  • Keypads (corresponding to the number of participants)
  • Clustercontroller
  • IVS Software
  • IVS Charging or Transport Cases
  • Laptop or PC (not part of the IVS system)