IVS Lite voting pad

The IVS Lite keypad is a wireless keypad that communicates by means of radio with the receiver. It is equiped with a simple display that shows the choice that was made. The keypad has 10 keys to cast a vote and is very suitable for every interactive meeting. Identification is possible by means of the number that programmed in the keypad. That also allows use of the keypad for quizzes.

IVS Lite keypad

Lite Base Station IVS Lite keypads

The Lite Base Station is the receiver that comes with the Lite keypad and is the link between keypads and computer program. The Base Station communicates on the 2.4GHz frequency. 50 channels are available for communication which implies that either 12.500 keyapds can be controlled or 50 different sessions can take place at the same time. The Base Station covers a range of 100 meters in open field.

IVS Lite Base Station

Transportcase IVS Lite keypads

3 different transport cases are available:

  • A case for 30 keypads with space for the Base Station, cables and license
  • A case for 50 keypads with space for the Base Station, cables and license
  • A case for only 50 keypads

The weight of a case with a complete system including 30 keypads and receiver is only 6 kilos and therefore easy to transport.

Transportcase 1 - IVS Lite keypadsTransportcase 2 - IVS Lite keypadsTransportcase 3 - IVS Lite keypads

Licence IVS Lite keypads

The license (as a keylock) is the same for all IVS systems. Up to 30 keypads the software can be used free of charge. Above this number 2 licenses are available: 1 for a maximum of 250 keypads and 1 for a maximum of 4000 keypads. The license is linked to a software program. One keylock can hold several programs.

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