IVS mountable keypad

The stainless steel mountable keypad is the only wired keypad left in the IVS range. Connected to the CC100 clustercontroller it collects the information as the wireless keypads. It has proven to be studentproof over the years and is very suitable to be flush mounted in for example college halls of universities. Idenfication is only possible by identifying where the keypad is listed in the string of keypads.

IVS mountable keypad

CC100 Clustercontroller mountable keypad

The CC100 clustercontroller can control up to 100 wired keypads itself. It collects the information in the same way as the wireless Base Stations and sends it to the computer. As the cluster has a 19″ housing it can be easily mounted in a 19″ rack.

IVS CC100 Clustercontroller mountable keypad

IO Module mountable keypad

The IO module can be connected to the CC100 clustercontroller to extend the number of keypads that can be used to a maximum of 1100 as a maximum of 10 IO modules can be connected to a CC100.

IVS IO module

Cables mountable keypad

As the lenght of the cables depend on the site where the keypads and the clustercontroller have to be mounted these are simply delivered on a reel.

Licence mountable keypad

The license (as a keylock) is the same for all IVS systems. Up to 30 keypads the software can be used free of charge. Above this number 2 licenses are available: 1 for a maximum of 250 keypads and 1 for a maximum of 4000 keypads. The license is linked to a software program. One keylock can hold several programs.

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