IVS-RFII keypad

The RFII keypad is the most extended version of the IVS keypads. Equiped with an LCD screen, a chipcard reader and 15 keys it can be used for a lot of purposes. Among them is the use during shareholders meetings where the chipcard is used to define the vote weight of a shareholder and includes the name. Besides the use during shareholders meetings the keypad is also used a lot for city council meetings and political party congresses.

IVS RFII keypad

RFII keypad Base Station

The RFII Base Station can handle up to 1000 keypads on one channel. It operates on the 433MHz frequency to communicate with the keypads. 4 channels are standard available to set up a network with 4000 keypads or 4 different networks with each 1000 voting pads. The RFII Base Station covers a range of 100 meters in open field.

IVS RFII Base Station

Charging cases RFII keypads

2 different charging cases are available for the RFII system:

  • A case for 25 voting pads with space for the Base Station, cables and license
  • A case for only 50 voting pads
Charging cases IVS RFII keypads

Chipcard programmeer station RFII keypads

To program the chipcards that can be used together with the RFII keypads a chipcard programming station is available. Each chipcard can be programmed with the necessary information. One chipcard can be listed in several databases to be able to use them for different groups.

Chipcards RFII keypads

The IVS chipcards are each programmed with a unique number. This number will be sent together with the vote to the Base Station. In the software is defined if a number is allowed to vote or not and in case a chipcard is allowed to vote, which information belongs to this specific chipcard number.

Licentie RFII keypads

The license (as a keylock) is the same for all IVS systems. Up to 30 voting pads the software can be used free of charge. Above this number 2 licenses are available: 1 for a maximum of 250 keypads and 1 for a maximum of 4000 voting pads. The license is linked to a software program. One keylock can hold several programs.

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