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IVS PowerPoint is the easiest and most simple software package for the Interactive Voting System. contrary to IVS-Basic and IVS-Pro, IVS-PowerPoint does not work as an independent program. Instead it is used in combination with Microsoft PowerPoint. This means you can exploit all features that PowerPoint offers and additionally the interactive character of the IVS can be used. If you already have an existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation you can easily open it in PowerPoint. By using the wizard provided in IVS-PowerPoint you can add questions and charts anywhere in your presentation.
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The IVS-PowerPoint wizard leads you through the process of making questions and answers presented by the IVS system. Step by step you fill out the question and the answers and add a chart to show the results. While developing IVS-PowerPoint the ease of use was a key issue. Anyone who has ever used Microsoft PowerPoint before is able to work with IVS-PowerPoint.

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