Renting voting systems

Interactive Voting System bv is developer and producer of the Interactive Voting System IVS®. Among our clients you will find a lot of audiovisual companies based all over the world that bought their keypads to rent them out for events, congresses and meetings. If you want to rent keypads or a voting system we will always try to find the best solution for you either by referring to one of our customers or supporting you ourselves.

You can find an overview of all our clients on our reference page. As you will see this is a wide range. Congress organizers, city councils, consultancies and audiovisual companies, you will find them all. Whenever possible you will find a link to an appropriate website where you can find how our clients use their system.

Once you own a voting system yourself we also offer the option to rent extra keypads. Besides just renting out material we can also support your event should this be much bigger than you are used to or should it be a more complicated way of voting. Please contact us for the possibilities and to get more information.

Buy voting systems

Should you decide to buy your own voting system you can rent them first to see how it works. If you decide to buy the voting system we will refund part of the rental price.

Voting system options

The clients of Interactive Voting System bv are widely spread among different user groups and that implies that the system is used in many different ways. The voting pads can be used to pose a huge number of questions. The voting system is fast enough to collect a lot of information in a short period of time but is that really what you want? The quality of your results depends fully on the quality of your questions and answers.

Our first question is often a question to you: What is the purpose of your event and what would you like to know from your attendees? Ask the opinion of your audience for example. In that case you have to be prepared for the outcome. (Especially the outcome you did not expect!)

Another way of using the system is testing knowledge. You can do this anonymous, where only the results of the total group are presented. By offering the opportunity to discuss the results some remarkable insights may show.

You can also test the knowledge of each individual participant. This can be a quiz or a questionnaire where each participant chooses an answer on their keypads. At the end you can show the winner or you can see an overview of each individual participants answers. Read more about the use and the possibilities of the different IVS voting pads: usage interactive voting system

More information about Interactive Voting System

Should you be interested in renting keypads or purchasing a voting system you are very welcome to contact us. In all cases we will help you by offering our knowledge and experience. We might cite you to one of our customers and we will do everything to find you the best possible solution.