FAQ – hardware base stations

What is a base station?

The base station is the receiver of the Interactive Voting System. When you make your choice  on the voting pad your voting pad is sending a signal to the base station. The base-station collects the votes and transfers them to the IVS voting software.

My Base Station cannot be initialized. 

  • Is the Base Station connected to the mains? ONLY USE THE ORIGINAL POWER SUPPLY THAT COMES WITH THE SYSTEM!!!
  • Is the Base Station connected to the computer with serial or USB cable?
  • Do you use a conversion cable for a serial Base Station to a USB port on your computer?
  • Did you install the drivers for the conversion cable. A CD with the drivers is supplied with the cable.

Do you use a USB Base Station for the first time?

Did you install the drivers for the Base Station? When you connect the Base Station the computer will ask for the drivers automatically. Together with the Base Station a CD is supplied with with the drivers for the Base Station. You can also find these drivers on the software CD’s from version 4.2 and higher and they can be downloaded from the website. To find the drivers go to the download page.