15-06-2006: software 4.3.4

Did you know that since May the latest software version 4.3.4. went live!! When you download the software, you will automatically receive this new version. Some new features are:
The toolbars in the edit screen and presentation screen remember their position. If you rearrange the toolbars, close the application and then start it again, the toolbars are still at the position where you left them. When in the presentation screen, you can press the .(dot) key to display a black screen. Press the .(dot) key again to display the normal slide again. You can also press the , (comma) key to display a white screen. Added more shortcut keys in the presentation screen. You can now also use the right arrow, down arrow, Enter and Space key to go to the next slide and the left arrow and the up arrow to go to the previous slide. You can also use the keys on the numeric keypad, even if NumLock is turned on.

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