Utillisation Interactive Voting System

We made an overview of the use of keypads or voting pads in combination with several software packages with each their specific possibilities and applications. Interactive Voting System offers different types of keypads/voting pads including a variety of software packages. You can easily find the software that you use, or want to use in the overview. Combined with any of the keypad types you can see if the combination offers the possibilities that you need.

We offer the Basic software for anonymous use of the keypads/voting pads and the Professional software for the combination of anonymous and identified voting. Besides we offer software that is fully integrated in PowerPoint that offers all the basic needs for the use of keypads/voting pads.

Special software is available for risk analysis and city council voting. In the risk analysis software you can make an overview of all possible risks and use the keypads/voting pads to vote with the complete management team. Based on the choice that the complete group makes by using the keypads the software creates a clear diagram that shows at a glance which risks might be a threat and what the impact would be.

The city council software links each city council member to one of the keypads/ voting pads or to a chip card. The software enables you to make a map based on the council hall where every council member is placed on his or her own “seat”. The result of the voting with the keypads/voting pads shows immediately what each party has voted what each individual council member has voted and what the complete council has voted. City council voting is also suitable for parliamentary voting.

You will also find an overview on these pages of the FAQ. If you have a question you might find the answer here. Should you not find your question about keypads, the software or the use of the voting system you can pose it via our contact form. Of course you can always call us too.

An overview of the training options is included in the range as well as the tips & tricks and an overview of the shortcuts that can be used in the IVS software.