Raccoursis IVS

Basic Presenting

Shortcuts Description
F12 Start presentation
Home First slide
End Last slide
PgUp / links /omhoog / F7 Previous slide
PgDn / rechts /omlaag / spatie / F8 Next slide
Shift+Ctrl+G / Ins Go to slide
Shift+Ctrl+F12 Stop session
Esc Back to editing screen


Shortcuts Description
F5 Open voting
F6 Close voting
Esc Cancel voting
F11 Open / close voting
Shift+F5 Reopen voting

Presenting, extra options

Shortcuts Description
Shift+H Horizontal bars
Shift+V Vertical bars
Shift+P Pie chart
Shift+L Line chart
Shift+A 3D area chart
Shift+Ctrl+A Absolute / relative results
Ctrl+Y Show correct answer(s)
F3 Start / stop multimedia
F4 Pause multimedia / time bar
Ctrl+1 – 9 Select answer 1 – 9
Ctrl+U Select answer
Ctrl+0 Select all answers
F10 Menu bar on / off
Alt+F10 Print screen
Black screen
White screen

Crossing and comparing

Shortcuts Description
Ctrl+G Cross questions
Alt+1 – 9 Cross with reference question 1 – 9
Ctrl+1 – 9 Show category 1 – 9 of current crossing
Ctrl+U Show category of current crossing / comparison
Ctrl+0 Show all categories
Ctrl+M Compare questions
Ctrl+L Undo crossing / comparison